Welcome to ABBY-Net

The sixth ABBY-Net Summer School will be held in Trausnitz, Bavaria from August 11 - 18, 2018.

Please see the Summer School webpage for further information.


The ABBY-Net Mission Statement:

ABBY-Net brings together researchers from Alberta, Canada and Bavaria, Germany who collaborate on interdisciplinary research and training for an improved understanding of the complex interactions in E³-Systems (Environment, Engineering and Socio-Economics) in order to facilitate energy systems transitions.


ABBY-Net is an interdisciplinary network of researchers from Albertan and Bavarian universities, striving to jointly address research topics that are of essential importance for the sustainable development of the Province of Alberta, Canada and the State of Bavaria, Germany under changing environmental conditions. ABBY-Net's goal is to provide a platform for experts from various disciplines to explore progressive solutions for future energy systems. 

Since being founded in November 2011, ABBY-Net has been bringing together leading scientists from various fields in the domains of environment, energy and computing sciences who have joined forces in a research network based on complementary skills and mutual interest in cooperation. Scientists within ABBY-Net are seeking interdisciplinary approaches to better understand and evaluate the alternating mechanisms, impacts and feedbacks between existing and innovative energy systems and ecosystem functioning. ABBY-Net applies and integrates advanced and unique observational, analytical and modeling technologies, providing the scientific basis to design and implement strategies to satisfy the needs of future energy demand while enhancing and preserving the healthy state of the environment.


Key topics have been identified in this context, which form the baseline for scientific collaboration. These deal with studies in Alberta and Bavaria on:

  • Cleaner Energy Production, Transportation and Storage
  • Impact of new Energy Infrastructure and Processes on Ecosystems
  • Effects of changing environmental conditions on energy systems
  • Water Security (sustainable water supply)


By means of

  • new methods of data acquisition (e.g. sensors and sensor networks and remote sensing technologies) and data analysis (e.g. management, fusion, compression and mining)
  • new and integrated modeling and evaluation systems which increase the predictive power to assess the co-evolution of coupled energy and ecosystems


Information about the principal investigators can be found on the "Members" page.

More about ABBY-Net's Summer Schools and Research Workshops can be found under the "Activities" page.


The cooperation between the regions of Alberta and Bavaria is strengthened by a Memorandum of Understanding in the field of research signed by both governments in June 2013. A highlight of the document is the specific mentioning of the ABBY-Net program as an exemplary joint research project.

ABBY-Net is not a funding scheme in itself, but facilitates international scientific collaboration between Alberta and Bavaria, addressing provincial, national and international funding sources.

Financial Support is generously provided by BayFOR + BMBF/DFG for the Bavarian group, AITF for the Albertan group, and partner universities in both regions.