ABBY-Net is committed to promoting students and young researchers to explore new ideas and innovative approaches. This is realized through topic-related summer schools held annually that bring together 25-30 Masters and PhD level students with senior researchers. Participants attend seminars and field excursions designed to train young scientists in interdisciplinary approaches to energy and ecosystem research. The inaugural ABBY-Net Summer School was held in 2012 in Kananaskis, Alberta. 2013 saw the second edition successfully held in Kloster Banz, Bavaria and the third Summer School was held in 2014 in Kananaskis. The fourth Summer School took place from August 10-17, 2016 in Friedberg (near Augsburg), Bavaria. Please read more about the ABBY-Net Summer Schools here.

For further information about the fifth ABBY-Net Summer School, please see the 2017 Summer School webpage.

Principal ABBY-Net members participate periodically in research workshops with the goal of exploring new research methods and ways to strengthen the program. These workshops are also used to discuss and determine the theme and course program of the next summer school.