ABBY-Net Summer Schools

ABBY-Net Summer Schools - A Success Story


2012 – 1st Summer School in Kananaskis, AB
2013 – 2nd Summer School at Kloster Banz, BY
2014 – 3rd Summer School in Kananaskis, AB
2016 – 4th Summer School in Ottmaring, BY
2017 – 5th Summer School in Kananaskis, AB
2018 – 6th Summer School in Trausnitz, BY


When ABBY-Net was founded in 2011, it was decided that a key part of the network would be a summer school. Held annually, these summer schools would bring together Masters and PhD students with senior researchers. The one week program introduces young scientists to the concepts of interdisciplinary research and proposal development. The Summer School trains around 30 students every year, with a majority partialled funded by ABBY-Net.

Each ABBY-Net Summer School has a designated theme. Themes are related to ABBY-Net’s focus on natural resource management and environmental monitoring. Teachings on these topics are broken into several sections. Lectures are presented on topics in each discipline by ABBY-Net team members and guest speakers from both industry and academia.

Students also participate in field excursions, giving them a hands-on understanding of the environmental issues and technological solution. Previous Summer Schools have arranged visits to glacial and peatland sites, a hydroelectric facility and a wind turbine.

The final segment of a Summer School’s program is group work on proposal development. This requires students to create interdisciplinary research proposals on a topic of the group’s choosing. Student groups are supported by seminars on proposal writing, an overview of funding opportunities in Canada and Germany and direct discussions with instructors and guest lecturers for feedback on proposal ideas and components.

The inaugural Summer School was successfully staged in 2012 in Kananaskis, Alberta. Held at the Barrier Lake Field Station of the University of Calgary, participants studied energy issues such as subsurface pipeline monitoring and methane gas loss from shale gas production.

For the second iteration, the Summer School moved to Bavaria. ABBY-Net was able to arrange for the program to be held at Kloster Banz, a former Benedictine monastery built in the 18th century. This beautiful setting hosted lectures and workshops on topics including the modelling of environmental and energy systems and the German energy transition (Energiewende).

The third Summer School, held August 10-17, 2014 in Kananaskis, educated on the issues and analytical techniques required to deliver effective, science-based solutions to key resource-management issues in Alberta and Bavaria.

Please click here to read about the fourth ABBY-Net Summer School in Bavaria from August 10-17, 2016.

In 2018, the sixth Summer School will take place in Trausnitz, Bavaria from August 11 - 18. For more information please click here.