5th ABBY-Net Summer School


ABBY-Net Summer School 2017


The purpose of the 5th ABBY-Net Summer School was to train young scientists in interdisciplinary approaches to energy and ecosystem research.  The course did focus on resource-management issues in the province of Alberta, and the impact of resource extraction on natural ecosystem functioning.  Students attended seminars on key extra-disciplinary topics (hydrology, energy systems, environmental monitoring, data mining, and data analysis), and participated in field excursions designed to educate participants on local resource-management issues.  In the later stages, participants were challenged to develop inter-disciplinary research proposals designed to solve practical problems related to resource extraction in Alberta. A preliminary schedule for this year's Summer School can be downloaded here.

The Summer School was held in the Kananaskis Valley, 80 km west of Calgary, Alberta on the border of Banff National Park. Accommodations, meals and seminars were arranged for participants at the Barrier Lake Station of the University of Calgary's Biogeoscience Institute for the duration of the Summer School, as well as field tours to learn specifics about the regional environment and resource management perspectives.