Ralf Ludwig

Dean, Faculty of Geosciences
Professor for Applied Physical Geography and Environmental Modeling

Department of Geography
Ludwig-Maximilians-Universitaet Munich





In his research, Ralf Ludwig focuses on process-based and spatially distributed hydrological and environmental modeling from local to continental scales, data assimilation and model integration for water resources, land use and climate change impact assessment from Mediterranean to subarctic environments. His recent emphasis is centered on the energy-environment interface, and aims at the understanding of the complex interactions and mutual impacts therein. He is chair of the Collaborative Program “Changes in the Hydrological Cycle” of the European Climate Research Alliance (ECRA), chair of the Helmholtz research school MICMoR (“Mechanisms and Interactions of Climate Change in Mountain Regions”) and Spokesperson of the Albertan-Bavarian Energy-Environment research network ABBY-Net.

Research Interests

Analysis of Global Change (climate, land use) impacts on men-environment systems; environment-energy interface; hydrological modelling (development and application); hydrological extremes; environmental monitoring, multi-parametric and multi-sensoral remote sensing