Annette Menzel

Department of Ecology and Ecosystem Management
TUM School of Life Sciences Weihenstephan
Technische Universität München





Main research interests of Annette Menzel relate to impacts of climate change on the biotic environment, including various aspects in flora, fauna and human health, interactions of biosphere, hydrosphere and atmosphere as well as climate change dectection by various bioindicators. Her main reserach topics comprise phenology, aerobiology, pollen, dendroecology, impacts of weather extremes, forest fires, as well as urbanised areas as proxy for future conditions. She is speaker of the Water Focus Area within the TUM International Graduate School on Science and Engineering (IGSSE), member of the board of IGSSE and MICMoR, and she works a.o. in interdisciplinary projects with colleagues of the University of Alberta in Edmonton.

Research Interests

Forest- and agricultural meteorology, climate change impacts, adaptation, extreme events, phenology, forest fires, dendroecology, air quality, urbanised areas as proxy for future conditions.