Bernhard Mayer

Head, Department of Geoscience
Professor for Applied Geochemistry

Department of Geoscience
University of Calgary





Bernhard Mayer is a tracer geochemist with a long track-record of impactful peer-reviewed publications on issues related to Energy and the Environment. His recent research focuses on assessing the environmental impacts on conventional or unconventional energy resources that are currently being developed in Canada. More specifically, his research team investigates the impact of fugitive gases such as CO2 and CH4, e.g. from shale gas plays or carbon capture and storage facilities, on shallow aquatic system, the soil zone, and the atmosphere. The research conducted by Bernhard Mayer is of critical relevance to assess the impact of proposed energy transition solutions on aquatic and terrestrial ecosystems and on greenhouse gas emission into the atmosphere.

Research Interests

Tracing the sources, the transport and the fate of fugitive gases (CO2 and CH4) from development of fossil fuel based energy resources on the environment (groundwater, soil zone, atmosphere); development of novel tracer tools; aqueous geochemistry; water-rock-atmosphere interactions.