Stefan Kienzle

Professor for Physical Geography, Hydrology and GIS
Chair, Department of Geography

Department of Geography
University of Lethbridge



Stefan Kienzle’s research focus is the evaluation of the impacts of climate change, both from a hydro-climatological and bio-physical point of view. He is co-developer of a physically-based hydrological modelling system, specifically designed to incorporate land cover and mountain regions in cold climates. Dr. Kienzle has applied his model in several counties, including New Zealand, South Africa, the USA, and Canada. He also created the web site to enable the viewing and querying of 43 climate indices at high spatial resolution for Alberta for the period 1950 to 2010. He has three funded research projects, and he is Adjunct Professor at three other Universities. Dr. Kienzle has been a PI for the Albertan-Bavarian Energy-Environment research network ABBY-Net since its inception.

Research Interests

Analysis of Global Change (climate, watersheds, land use); physical-based hydrological and crop modelling (development and application); mapping of climate indices