6th ABBY-Net Summer School


ABBY-Net Summer School 2018


The next ABBY-Net Summer School will take place in Trausnitz, Bavaria from August 11 - 18, 2018. This will be the sixth time that ABBY-Net has hosted a week-long course on "Natural Resource Management and Energy Systems Under Changing Environmental Conditions," bringing together interdisciplinary perspectives and expertise from Bavaria, Germany and Alberta, Canada. Participation is open to graduate students from related disciplines of the ABBY-Net member universities (UofA, UofC and UofL in Alberta, LMU, TUM and FAU in Bavaria).

The purpose of the 6th ABBY-Net Summer School is to train young scientists in interdisciplinary approaches to energy and ecosystem research. The course will focus on energy-management issues in the free-state of Bavaria, and the impact of the "Energiewende” on natural ecosystem functioning. Students will attend seminars on key extra-disciplinary topics (hydrology, energy systems, environmental monitoring, data mining, and data analysis), and participate in field excursions designed to educate participants on local energy-management issues. In the later stages, participants will be challenged to develop inter-disciplinary research proposals designed to solve practical problems related to energy-management in Bavaria.

The Youth Hostel Burg Trausnitz is located on the edge of Trausnitz and has a spectacular view of the Pfreimad valley.
It offers us 50 beds in rooms with three to eight beds each and separate rooms with en-suite shower and toilet for group leaders. The Youth Hostel consists of two separate buildings, the time-honoured castle and the neighbouring Feldschlössl residence. We’ll be residing in the The Castle, which contains the "Rittersaal" (Great Hall), "Kemenate" (Bower), teachers' or group leaders' room, bicycle room, barbecue area, bonfire site, table tennis.  Technical equipment includes TV, video, slide and overhead projectors, moderator's kit, CD player, DVD player, flip chart, Metaplan board, Piano, electronic piano.

More information on the Burg Traunitz, including a description of facilities, natural history, and an overview research projects underway can be found at http://trausnitz.jugendherberge.de