What is ABBY-Net about?

Our Mission

The mission of ABBY-Net is to bring together researchers from Alberta, Canada and Bavaria, Germany who collaborate on interdisciplinary research and training for an improved understanding of the complex interactions in E³-Systems (Environment, Engineering and Socio-Economics) to facilitate energy systems transitions.

ABBY-Net undertakes:

  • international and interdisciplinary collaborative research projects
  • collaborative training of highly qualified personnel
  • regular summer schools held alternatingly in Bavaria and Alberta

ABBY-net core topics

Key research topics to facilitate energy transitions include:
  • Cleaner energy production, transportation, and storage
  • Impact of energy development on ecosystem processes
  • Effects of changing environmental conditions on energy systems
  • Advanced digital technologies in energy systems (research)
  • Societal, economic and governance implications
  • Interdisciplinary research designs


Key research approaches include:
  • New approaches to data analysis and artificial intelligence, including computer vision and machine learning
  • New strategies of data acquisition and remote sensing technologies, such as (autonomous) drones
  • Integrated modelling and evaluation systems designed for E³-Systems (Environment, Engineering and Socio-Economics)